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Hollis Hills Civic Association


Our Executive Board

Carin Bail


Carin Bail - Board Pic.JPEG

Carin is a Mother, Teacher, Author and Advocate. She has become all these things living here in Hollis Hills for almost the past 40 years. Growing up in Hollis Hills has been special for her. Now she has a chance to give back to her community. Carin is looking forward to bringing our community together and celebrating who we are in Hollis Hills Queens.

Gus Kantlis

Vice President

Ira Chazan

Vice President

Michelle Schaefer


Michelle Schaffer - Board Page - sm.jpg

Michelle was born and raised in the Bronx.  She moved to Hollis Hills shortly after getting married in 1989.  Michelle originally lived on 210th Street and moved to 217th Street in 2007.  She also have family in Hollis Hills. Shortly after retiring. She joined the HHCA Board in 2012

Mina Mauerstein-Bail



Mina recently retired from the United Nations, having served in a various senior executive positions. She has also served on a number of non-for-profit boards involved in international development. Mina holds a Bachelor’s degree in education and an advanced degree in sociology. She is married, has two children and one grandchild. Mina is a longtime resident of Hollis Hills.

Jennifer Camilleri

Board Member

Mike Costa

Board Member

Marc Cahn

Board Member


Dev Viswanath

Board Member

DevViswanath - Board Pic.jpg

Emily Wehner

Board Member

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